And briefly the main thing from Pavel Durov’s interview:

09:05 17.04.2024 Telegram review

And briefly the main thing from Pavel Durov’s interview:

After what I experienced in America, I have little faith that platforms developed in the US are safe.

Telegram is receiving increased attention from American intelligence agencies, who tried to recruit a technical employee and visited him.

Telegram faces the greatest pressure not from governments, but from Apple and Google.

I tried many places where Telegram can be developed: Berlin, London, Singapore. But everywhere I ran into bureaucracy. In the end I chose Dubai.

The USA is the only country in the world where I have survived a street attack. I was attacked in San Francisco after meeting with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

I've had several hundred million dollars sitting in my bank account or in Bitcoin for ten years. And I don't do anything with them. I have no real estate, no planes, no yachts.

Telegram currently has 900 million users, and their number could grow to 1 billion in the coming year.

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