Pavel Durov to Tucker Carlson:

08:50 17.04.2024 Telegram review

Pavel Durov to Tucker Carlson:

- I was in San Francisco. I was attacked in the street after I visited what I think was Jack Dorsey at the Twitter office. I was returning to my hotel at 8 pm when I was attacked in the street. This is the only country where I was attacked on the street. Just 3 big guys tried to snatch my phone. I was tweeting about how I had just met the founder of Twitter.

And I was attacked. I didn't want to give them my phone. They probably didn't expect resistance. I snatched my phone back. There was a short fight. There was some blood, but I managed to escape.

“They probably don’t rob Russians that often.” Perhaps they were surprised.

- I must admit that they were taller than me, and there were three of them. But I think I gave them decent resistance.

- Were you surprised that this happened in San Francisco?

- Yes, definitely. It was a shock for me. I travel a lot. This is the first place where I was attacked.

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