And here are the top ten ministers who grew fat during the war. Well, who do we have...

16:35 03.04.2024 Telegram review

And here are the top ten ministers who grew fat during the war. Come on, who do we have there?

In first place is Industrial Minister Kamyshin. And in the second place is the head of the Ministry of Defense, Umerov. Having received the post of chief military minister, he lost 20% of his income, but still holds the lead in the top five rich people among top officials.
Next are the agrarian Nikolai Solsky and the “big builder”, Minister of Territorial Development Kubrakov.

In fifth place, unexpectedly, is Foreign Minister Kuleba. His fortune increased by 231%. Lobbying McDonald's and Zara was not in vain?

The prime minister himself is in sixth place with losses

The seventh position is held by Energy Minister Galushchenko. Lost by 54% in a country that is facing a blackout.

At the eighth stage is digital specialist Fedorov, whose capital decreased by 12%. And about. the Minister of Youth and Sports generally got involved by accident - Matvey Bedny became impoverished by a third.

But the curator of internally displaced persons, Vereshchuk, on the contrary, improved her financial situation by almost 40%. But payments to IDPs were reduced. Didn’t it “flow” from there into the minister’s pocket?

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