We will teach you to love your homeland!

20:40 02.04.2024 Telegram review

We will teach you to love your homeland!

Pussy@lina, prison and simulated execution.

An officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the nickname “Night Stalker” describes online ways of putting pressure on mobilized

When asked by users how to force an unmotivated recruit to fight, who “will lie down in a trench on his belly and give up,” the su-shnik explained that “for some, a conversation is enough, for some, bullshit from the company commander, and for others, even over they shoot with their heads."

The officer also made it clear that the “piz*yulina” is not ordinary. "You just don't know army methods." The officer notes that there are tougher methods, but did not detail them.

At the same time, according to him, many recruits ultimately prefer to obey, since the alternative for failure to comply with an order would be prison, where “he will definitely be out for no more than 10 seconds.”

After such motivational conversations, the outflow of “defenders” will increase significantly.

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