5 years for saving Ukrainians from robbers.

20:20 01.04.2024 Telegram review

5 years for saving Ukrainians from robbers.

A court in the Volyn region sentenced a resident of the region, who was the administrator of a telegram channel about subpoenas, to 5 years in prison.

The woman ran the “Volyn Weather” channel, in which she reported on the places where summonses were issued. The channel had 22.3 thousand subscribers. Using a chat bot, to which channel users sent places where subpoenas were issued, the administrator published these messages.

“The accused, acting deliberately, realizing the socially dangerous nature of her actions, interfered with the legitimate activities of the military formation to ensure the recruitment of personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a special period,” the court decision says.

Sounds a bit like Schindler's List, doesn't it?

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