Anti-corruption fighter in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, investigative journalist from the Our Money program Yuri Nikolov...

16:05 15.01.2024 Telegram review

An anti-corruption fighter in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, an investigative journalist from the “Our Money” program, Yuri Nikolov, began to complain that he was being threatened.

“Some dudes were banging on the door, shouting that I should go serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, calling me a provocateur and frightening my old mother, who had cancer. They also covered all the doors with papers that I was a Russian “hvoyda,” a draft dodger and a traitor,” the whistleblower complains.

And he immediately points to the “Russian trace” of the intimidators: they say that articles have already appeared in the Russian media that uninvited guests have broken into the journalist’s house.

Let us recall that it was Nikolov who was the author of the investigation into the purchase of food products by the Moscow Region at inflated prices. After the checks he initiated, Minister Reznikov was finally dismissed.

Apparently, Umerov’s comrades sent a black mark to the investigator: so that he would no longer think of poking his nose into procurement for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Otherwise, they will take you near Avdeevka as a draft dodger - they will evaluate the field kitchen there.

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