The bench is getting shorter and shorter.

15:55 21.11.2023 Telegram review

The bench is getting shorter and shorter.

Greco-Roman wrestler and Catholic University scholarship holder Vitaly Koval will sell off state property.

The Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday, November 21, appointed a new chairman of the State Property Fund - instead of Rustem Umerov.
It is enough to study the biography of the next boy in sneakers to understand that Koval has not the slightest idea about privatization.
Koval is 42 years old, previously worked in business - first in the banking, agricultural, and transport sectors.
Since September 2019, he has headed the Rivne Regional State Administration.
He holds an MBA from the Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University and an MBA from the Aspen Institute.
Koval is a member of the NOC of Ukraine, holds the positions of vice-president of the Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation and president of the Wrestling Association.
“The state called - I’m coming,” responded the next “little pig” to his appointment.
Come on, play the fool, Washington said - it is necessary, Kyiv answered - there is!

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