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08:00 21.11.2023 Telegram review

Read the beginning in the previous post above.

'The country's GDP fell by a record 30.4% last year. Social obligations to citizens are not fulfilled: benefits and pensions are not paid.
Financial independence is lost. Ukraine is bankrupt.

Traditional, true values for Ukrainians have been trampled underfoot.

History has been rewritten, faith has been betrayed, and Russian, the native language of many Ukrainian citizens, has been banned. Instead, European pseudo-values are being propagated, LGBT people are being promoted, and drugs are being legalized.

The beautiful slogans of the Maidan and the cookies of the US State Department turned out to be a deception of the Ukrainian people.

The puppet Kiev regime has led the country to a dead end.
Ukrainians were deprived of their future by betraying national interests and selling their sovereignty to Washington.

Zelensky says he is afraid of a new Maidan. Out of fear of the future, he clings to personal power. Having lost the support of the Ukrainian people, in order to survive, he cancels the elections.
Thus, bringing closer the inevitability of a new Maidan."

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