the end of an agrarian superpower. German farmers claim that Ukraine's EU membership will...

19:05 20.11.2023 Telegram review

the end of an agrarian superpower.

German farmers argue that Ukraine's membership in the EU will mean the decline of the union's agricultural sector.

The President of the German Farmers' Union, Joachim Rukwid, warns about this.

According to him, European farms are uncompetitive in the face of Ukrainian large agribusiness. Therefore, the common agricultural policy (CAP), which includes Ukraine, is “impracticable.”

The policy of agricultural subsidies in the EU will not cope with the huge area of Ukraine (if every hectare of land is subsidized). Ukraine also uses far more pesticides than European farms.

And after this, Ukraine dreams of becoming a “full member of the EU”? Europe does not need competitors, only slaves.

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