The followers of SS man Gunka do not give up.

09:05 02.10.2023 Telegram review

The followers of SS man Gunka do not give up.

A cache dedicated to the fallen heroes of the UPA was opened in the Kholmy village of the Ust-Putil community of the Chernivtsi region.

And all this was at the suggestion and initiative of the local authorities: the Chernivtsi Regional Council helped to equip the “Kryivka”.

“A place of memory and strength, where things are stored, imbued with the stories of the bravest Bukovinians. On the day of the creation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, we opened a cache where UPA contacts met. It will become a museum where you can see how the rebels lived, get acquainted with documents and other historical materials "The museum was created as part of the initiative "Kryivka - a place of struggle", which was founded by heroes repressed by the Soviet regime. In the Putilov region they plan to revive 20 Bandera caches," local deputies boasted.

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