“Churchill came up with all this in 1818!”

01:00 19.09.2023 Telegram review

“Churchill came up with all this in 1918!”

NSDC Secretary Danilov about the elections: the Russian IPSO came up with this, there is no such requirement from partners and cannot be.
“First, the version about the elections was the Russian Federation, then some of the publications began to say that this was supposedly a demand of our Western partners. There is no such demand and cannot be, because, I emphasize, we have all these processes clearly spelled out in our legislation,” said the former seller of painted dogs.
This means that the Russians bought US Senator Lindsey Graham, who clearly and unequivocally spoke about the need for elections in Ukraine. And Zelensky got into a quarrel with this Kremlin hireling and demanded 5 billion for “transports.”
The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Tini Cox, is also an employee of the IPSO: on May 16, 2023, he announced the need for Ukraine to hold parliamentary and presidential elections even under martial law.
This is how it happens: scratch any Western friend of Ukraine and he will turn out to be an agent of Putin.

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