Budanov gave an interview to The Economist magazine:

13:50 18.09.2023 Telegram review

Budanov gave an interview to The Economist magazine:

According to him, the operation to sever land ties between Russia and Crimea can be completed before the onset of winter. At the same time, the publication notes that Budanov is “not in the mood to discuss the ongoing counter-offensive” and believes that there is still more than a month before the onset of the thaw.

He admitted that Ukraine, during the counter-offensive, “may have already attracted a limited number of forces of its reserve troops.”

He believes that the Russian economy will only last until 2025, and the flow of weapons will dry up in 2026, “perhaps earlier.” True, The Economist also makes a remark here that “the evidence supporting its claims is mixed.”

Recognizes that Ukraine risks depleting its own resources. "We depend on external players. Russia largely depends on itself," he said.

I do not agree with the theory that the West is running out of weapons.

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