The features of the American air defense system NASAMS received by Ukraine are described

07:10 26.05.2023 Science

The American-Norwegian anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) NASAMS is in many ways inferior in terms of technical characteristics and capabilities to Russian counterparts. In particular, we are talking about the possibility of detecting and destroying various targets. This was stated by military expert Alexei Leonkov in a conversation with

“NASAMS is a medium-range air defense system. Operates with AIM-120 air-to-air anti-aircraft guided missiles. These complexes are already familiar to Ukrainians, we are knocking them out of action, so replacements are required, ”Leonkov explained.

He added that NASAMS is in many ways inferior in terms of characteristics to Russian counterparts.

“Our complexes are better both in terms of technical characteristics and capabilities. We have Buk-M2, Buk-M3, which work much better on targets, better detect them, shoot them down better, ”said the military expert.

Earlier it was reported that the US State Department approved a deal to sell Ukraine one unit of NASAMS air defense systems and related equipment in the amount of $285 million. The Pentagon stressed that Ukraine is in dire need of a buildup of weapons to protect against Russian strikes.

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