Prices in Poland rose to a record high due to inflation

12:24 02.04.2023 CIS

High inflation in Poland has led to skyrocketing food prices in stores. It is reported by the Polish portal Super Express.

The hero of the publication was a woman who, while cleaning, found receipts for products for 2019.

Journalists checked how much these products cost today. It turned out that sweet peppers rose in price most of all, which began to cost twice as much in four years. Now the price of this product reaches 22 PLN (398 rubles) per kilogram.

In second place in terms of price jump were eggs, the cost of which increased from 4.99 (90 rubles) zlotys to 7.99 (144 rubles) zlotys. In addition, bananas, onions and potatoes have risen in price in Poland.

Earlier it was reported that Poland in February recorded a record inflation for 26 years - 18.4 percent. It is clarified that the prices for products rose the most - 24 percent, energy carriers - 22.7 percent and transport services - 22 percent. Least of all, inflation affected the healthcare sector, where it amounted to 10 percent, and in the communications sector - 7.8 percent.

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