The Association of Ukrainians in Moldova accused ex-president Dodon of calling for war

11:39 02.04.2023 Politics

The chairman of the Association of Ukrainians of Moldova "Together" Mikhail Bagas said that the public organization accuses former President Igor Dodon of openly calling for the invasion of Russian troops into the country. He wrote about this on his Facebook (the owner of Meta is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned).

According to Bagas, representatives of the organization filed a corresponding complaint with the Prosecutor General's Office.

“We, ethnic Ukrainians living on the territory of Moldova, are deeply outraged by such statements by Dodon. He openly ... calls on the Russian army to attack independent Moldova, ”Bagas noted.

He added that before that, the Moldovan pro-government media published a video from a campaign rally, during which Dodon said “ours are close,” after which the video ended. The former president then did not specify who exactly he had in mind.

Earlier, Dodon became a defendant in another criminal case. He is accused of making, storing and using a false medical certificate.

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