Five mercenaries from Finland were injured in Ukraine

23:01 18.03.2023 CIS

Five Finnish mercenaries were wounded in Ukraine. Finland's largest newspaper Helsingin sanomat writes about this.

According to the publication, on Friday, March 17, a group of Finnish fighters was supposed to return from a mission in southern Ukraine to the base. However, five of the eight Finns were injured. Three of them are still in the hospital, two were discharged after examination.

It is specified that the Finnish fighters received shrapnel wounds, concussions and sprains when they ran for cover. The exact location of the incident, as well as the location of the wounded, is currently not disclosed.

On March 10, it was reported that a mercenary from France, who served on the side of Kyiv, died in Ukraine. A 22-year-old man named Andreas, who was a member of the International Legion of Ukraine, died in the Donbass on February 16.

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