Huawei has replaced thousands of components due to US sanctions

22:39 18.03.2023 Science

The Chinese company Huawei has replaced 13,000 components in its gadgets due to US sanctions. This was announced by the head of the corporation Ren Zhengfei, reports Reuters.

According to the agency, over the past three years, Huawei has redesigned 4,000 printed circuit boards. Production has already "stabilized," Zhengfei noted.

It is noted that last year the company invested $ 23.8 billion in research and development and in the future plans to increase investments in them "as profitability improves."

In December 2022, YMTC and 29 other Chinese companies were blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce. From that moment on, the company can no longer purchase components, equipment and technologies from American manufacturers.

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