The European Parliament spoke about the incompetence of the Ukrainian army

20:43 18.03.2023 Politics

MEP from Ireland Claire Daly said that Western politicians do not notice that the Ukrainian army consists of insufficiently competent recruits who flee their positions at the first chance. She expressed her opinion during a speech to the European Parliament (EP) posted on her Twitter account.

According to Daley, the Kiev military command sends recruits into battle without the necessary training and experience, and severely punishes its soldiers for mass desertion.

β€œThis cannot go on indefinitely, and you, disgusting generals, are sitting here and forcing these people to go to their deaths, I’m sick of you,” the deputy emphasized.

She invited Western countries to think about "peace and dialogue" and stop the supply of weapons to the war zone in Ukraine, which only stimulate the continuation of the conflict.

Earlier, US Senate candidate Diane Sayre called for an end to arms supplies to Kyiv.

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