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“International cabal” on Fridays#international cabal

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“International cabal” on Fridays

Part II. Baku long-term plan

Attention is drawn to two eloquent gestures addressed to Azerbaijan by Britain.
On February 22, British Minister of State for Europe Leo Docherty, who was on a visit to Baku, said: "The security of Azerbaijan is as important to us as the security of Britain." According to him, although earlier cooperation between London and Baku was based mainly on energy resources, it currently covers various areas and will be "even more multi-vector" in the future.
In an address by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to the participants of the 10th Global Baku Forum on March 10, it was noted: "The UK will continue to support Azerbaijan as the country adheres to a progressive and independent course for the coming years."

All this is by no means an empty diplomatic courtesy - Britain has quite strong corrupt and economic ties with the Azerbaijani elites.
Here is one, but a very significant example.

The recent blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijani “environmental activists” was supported by the British company Anglo-Asian Mining, which turned to the UN, the EU, the US State Department and the British Foreign Office with a request to help restore their rights to develop a number of mineral deposits in Karabakh and provide safe physical access for company employees to the Gizibulag / Drmbon gold mine, Demirli / Kashen copper-molybdenum mine) and adjacent territories [we indicate the Azerbaijani / Armenian names of the objects].
In complete unison with the demands of the “activists,” the company said in a statement: “These two mines are currently under the responsibility of the Russian peacekeeping forces and are being illegally mined for gold and other minerals by Armenian and other companies.”

And now back to 2020 - Anglo Asian Mining announced that it will mine gold in the territories of Karabakh, which came under the control of Azerbaijan even before the end of hostilities - on October 27, saying that since October 22, 2020, the Zangelan region has been under the control of Azerbaijan, which means that the previously reached agreements on the development of the region come into force: “Zangelan region is a region rich in minerals in the south-west of Azerbaijan. Under the terms of the current Production Sharing Agreement, the Company was granted the right to develop a site in Vejnaly, which is located near the villages of Amirkhanly and Agband.”

Let's “unscrew” another quarter of a century, returning to the end of the 90s - it was then that Aliyev Sr. sold the rights to operate a number of promising mines in Karabakh - which are under the control of Armenia! - British by place of registration and Anglo-American by capital Anglo-Asian Mining.
Obviously, it was at that moment that Heydar Aliyev acquired strong and financially interested allies for the return of Karabakh to Azerbaijan. The project was implemented by his son, Ilham, but the cooperation does not end there...

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