Medvedev responded to reports of a possible arrest of Trump

18:36 18.03.2023 Politics

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, in his Telegram channel, sarcastically and emotionally commented on the statement of former US President Donald Trump that the prosecutor's office had warned him about the impending arrest.

“Assholes in Europe wanted to arrest someone else, and on March 21 they will arrest their own in America. Take back your country, Americans!" he wrote.

The Russian politician in his publication called the incumbent US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter "a corrupt clique of insane swine-killers" and offered to "throw them into the dustbin of history."

Medvedev called on the Americans to "reclaim their country and destroy the tyranny of Washington."

Earlier, Trump warned that on March 21 he could be detained by the Manhattan District Attorney's office. He did not specify what kind of case the upcoming detention was connected with, but stressed that it was about old and long-debunked accusations.

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